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Classic Movie Spooky Boogeyman Characters
November 23, 2021

Classic Movie Spooky Boogeyman Characters

Be the Boogeyman of Your Neighborhood With Our Boogeyman Apparel

Everyone has their unique way of celebrating Halloween. However, there’s a man who takes it to the next level and dresses up like Michael Myers, aka., the Boogeyman, one of the spookiest boogeyman charcters alive. 

Every year, this man from Indiana puts up this infamous, spooky character persona and roams around the streets. Many people take his photos and videos, which eventually go viral on the internet. Even his wife captures his videos every year and posts them on the internet.  

That makes one thing clear, there are endless ways you can go about celebrating your favorite event. And Halloween, especially, has tons of opportunities for you to costume up out of this world — and no one will judge you.  

In this article, we dive deeper into some infamous horror movie characters — and you can choose your favorite boogeyman on our list or your own. 


  1. Michael Myers — Halloween 1978 - 2021"Boogeyman Apparel" Michael Myers 1978 - Michael Myers Kills 2021

    We had to kickstart our list with Michael Myers — there was no other way. This spooky character first appears in the 1978’s Halloween, directed by John Carpenter. He appears as a young six year old boy who murders his teenage sister in the original film, but eventually grows into an unstoppable killing machine as seeks to kill off all blood related relatives, such as his half sister Laurie Strode, his niece Jamie Lloyd, nephew John Tate, niece Karen Nelson, as well as anyone else who got in his way. 


    This character holds a special spot in horror movie fans hearts because "You Can't Kill The Boogeyman". Needless to say, he's a legendary boogeyman, horror character — and you can dress up like him with our specialized apparel store! Click here to browse through the catalog. 


    1. It — It
      "Boogeyman Apparel" Original "It" Movie 1990 - Remake "It" Movie 2017

    It is an infamous joker — widely seen on the internet in various posts and memes. It first appeared in the 1986’s novel known as “It”— but eventually made its way to live-action movies. As of now, there are two modern, remastered movies in the franchise. 

    It is an ancient evil force that apparently came from another dimension. However, it takes the form of a clown when it preys upon innocent children of Derry. Every 27 years, the force awakens from the dark; frightens a few kids; eats them — and goes back to sleep. Ah, a usual 27-year cycle in the life of It.  

    If you dress up like It the next Halloween, you’re sure to attract several pairs of eyes. To find the right apparel, be sure to check out our store by clicking here


    1. Freddy Krueger — A Nightmare on Elm Street
      "Boogeyman Apparel" Freddy Krueger "Nightmare On Elm Street

    Another iconic spooky character that can spook the hell out of everyone. It first appeared in the infamous franchise “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1984 and quickly became a fan-favorite character.

    Freddy is a serial killer with a twist. He kills, but not in real life. He kills people in their nightmares, causing them brain damage which eventually kills the victim in real life as well. Freddy has a unique, spooky appearance that’s recognizable from a mile away.  

    Want to dress up like him? Why not! Browse our store and see what we have in stock for you. 


    1. Jason Vorhees — Friday the 13th
      "Boogeyman Apparel" Jason Vorhees Characters

    How could we complete a spooky characters’ list without mentioning Jason Vorhees? That’s right, we couldn’t. That’s why we have thrown in Jason right at the 4th spot.  

    He first appeared in the 1980’s film “Friday the 13th”. He made an appearance again in the next year’s “Friday the 13th Part 2”. Since then, he has appeared in several books and novels — but legends say nothing tops his first appearance in the original 1980’s film. 

    Want to get your hands on Jason’s iconic mask? Or any other piece of his apparel? Visit our store right away! We have Jason Vorhees, as well as many other spooky costumes for you in our store. 


    1. Ghostface
      "Boogeyman Apparel" Ghost Face Character From Scream Movie

    Whether you’ve seen Ghostface in a live-action movie or not, we’re sure you’ve seen him on social media. Why? Because it’s another infamous internet face. People love to use it in their gifs, stickers, and memes.  

    Ghostface isn’t exactly a single character. It’s a persona adopted by many characters but mostly voiced by a single, behind-the-scenes guy. Dressing up like Ghostface is surely going to help you turn some heads around. 


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    The bottom line

    We love boogeyman characters and not just on Halloween. Everyone’s willing to dress up in a unique way to stand out and represent some sort of character — but not everyone can be 1st, can they? 

    With our wide selection of infamous Boogeyman Apparel, you have like 99.9% chances of being the spookiest guy around — just like how that soap kills 99.9% germs. 

    We have the apparel you need to keep the Boogeyman alive all year long instead of once a year on Halloween. Click here to browse our store right away. 

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